Wyatt Earp Records Image

Wyatt Earp Records - Flint, Michigan

This bulletin board and counter space to the left, served as the Flint scene's nerve center and information source during the 1980's-2000's. Over the years, thousands of show flyers had been distributed here. Many bands had completed their lineups by posting to this board.

The store's founder Doug Earp, made a solid name for himself in the mid-1980s by giving local bands an outlet to sell and promote their music, sponsoring local shows, underwriting the "Take No Prisoners" radio show (which focused on the music his store specialized in) and lending money to local bands to put cassettes out of their music or put on their own shows.

Wyatt Earp records continued to support local music for over a decade following the explosion of the internet in the 1990s. Doug passed away in late 2004. Doug's long-time business partner Al Steele, kept the store open another several years, closing in 2011.