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June 22, 2015

*** Images and Stories section has been fixed!!! 
*** The Pranks - Live (1980) [Audio>>Live]
*** The Pranks - Fliers + Photos (1978-1981) [Audio>>Live]
*** The Pranks - Interview (2015) [Audio>>Live]
*** Amigo - Ill-Conceived (2015) [Video>>Live]
*** Hypyr - In The Early Days (1983) [Audio>>Live]
*** Dejecta - Documentary (1994) [Video>>Live]
*** VARIOUS - Hallshow (Union City Studio) (2013) [Video>>Live]
*** The Guilty Bystanders - 30th Anniversary Show (2013) [Video>>Live]

The Images and Stories section has been fixed so you can once again access the thousands of (chronological) fliers, photos and stories.

No more updates to the archive are planned. Work on the book mentioned in previous updates has been cancelled. My time and energy has shifted to other interests. I am satisfied to have documented all the major stuff from the early Flint scene over hundreds, if not thousands of hours during the past several years. It was worth it to have heard from folks telling me they were able to either discover new music through the archive or discover that their loved one really WAS in a band! Perhaps someone else will come along with the passion, committment, TIME and skill necessary to continue adding the many other items that have not yet made it in. allegrocode@gmail.com

October 27, 2012

*** VARIOUS - Flint Local 432 Noise Fest (2012) [Video>>Live]
*** Amigo - Flint Local 432 Noise Fest (2012) [Video>>Live]
*** Drat! - CRB (2012) [Video>>Live]
*** The Black Jacks - demo (2012) [Audio>>Demos]

This will be the last archive update for a long while as I focus on completing our book about the history of the Flint underground music scene. Like the Nowhere Else to Go: The Story of the Flint Underground Music Scene Facebook page for all the latest developments on that project.

August 28, 2012

At long last...The entire Take No Prisoners T.V. Series is now on Archive.org.  All the links for that series in the Flint Underground Music Archive now point there.  This will allow you DVD quality for every episode.  You also have the option to stream them in h.264, which looks and sounds awesome.

When you stream an episode, you will see that there are a couple options on the player-one for Flash and one for HTML5(h.264). All modern browsers support h.264, except for Firefox. Rumor has it that Firefox will support h.264 soon but was not included in the latest update as of yesterday.  So if you must use Firefox, choose the Flash option for now.

May 4, 2012

Recent Additions

*** The Guilty Bystanders - self-titled (1999)   [Audio>>Demos]
*** The Guilty Bystanders - Another Happy Sunshine Day (2003)   [Audio>>Demos]

I put great care into remastering the 2 CDs that The Guilty Bystanders released   It was an honor to get a thumbs up from producer Jim Fournadis and the members of the band I was able to get a hold of this week. Joel Rash recently claimed that the Guilties were one of the main reasons he started doing shows way back when-booking them to play his first one.  Ben Hamper, Jerry Humphrey and Michael Absher have all claimed that the Guilties are at least one of their personal favorites in or out the Flint scene.  Watching them at Earpfest 2006 motivated me to do the archive and they are also one of my all-time favorites. Period.

If you only ever listen to one thing in the archive, listen to one of these albums.

also just added...

***Imaginary Holiday - Ulterior (2012) [Audio>>Demos]
***Amigo - On The Sun (2011) [Audio>>Demos]
***Amigo - Live At The Mental Spaghetti Festival (2011)  [Video>>Live]


March 9, 2012

All new items are marked as *New* in the various lists of links (Demos, TV Shows, etc.).  There are a lot of them in this batch! 

*Please 'Like" our Facebook Page at the bottom of the archive's Home page to receive update messages (I keep them irregular so you won't get annoyed) and help spread the word about the archive at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flint-Underground-Music-Archive/117265021733168 . The Facebook group that I had been using before for updates is no longer active.

Some Highlights

*** Several great new Flint Journal Articles from the past year were added in the Images&Stories wing.

*** Ben Hamper's "Smell The Mitten" Vol.2 radio special, which continues to showcase on the Michigan garage rock bands of the 1960's and early 1970's, many of which played The IMA Auditorium, Mt. Holly or Sherwood Forest.

*** A documentary I did for Union City Studio's first Woodbridge Hall Show, which includes Flint bands Disposable Society and The Loose Ties as well as some friends from out of town.

*** Al Steele and Thomas Totten's long-awaited release of the band that never had a name catalog is finally here.  It was the most challenging bit of mastering that I've ever done and am still in psychic recovery from listening.

*** More Dan Russell solo stuff has been added from his brother Tom's vault, including a stellar version of "I Don't Sleep" on stabbitty...Again.

*** The legendary Love Comes In Spurts TNP radio session has also been added.  Another great lineup fronted by Mike Fickies.

*** The Flint underground gem from the Jew Crew, Fuzzbuster - Wite Owl has resurfaced.  Smoove!

*** Original artwork has been added to Power On Hold - Ism.

*** Kenneth Whitaker and J.P. Ribner's 1987 debut in the Flint scene have been preserved in the Death Symbol and Mindless Men demos.

*** The Flint scene in the early 1980's was also defined by the edgier bands who were willing to play New Wave covers in the area bars. The Maxwell Band demo contains one of the few originals they recorded.

*** The Numbers - self-titled album has finally been added.  It was another instance of way too much talent being concentrated in one band.  These all-original songs will blow you away.

*** Amigo's earliest recordings have been rightfully archived.

*** live audio from 2011, including By Ween, The Black Jacks (Aron McCormick's new band) and the Dan Russell REPEAT/Twitch tribute show.

*** The Guilty Bystanders' infamous 1999 appearance on DJ Michael A's Kaleidoscope show in the basement of the Genessee County Jail on a pirate radio signal is now being rebroadcast on the interwebs.

*** The Guilty Bystanders' 2 CD  Broccoli Rules! set, direct from the master tapes w/ added bonus tracks.

*** I spent quite a bit of time remastering the Smiling Sacrifice catalog to make those old cassette copies that were made decades ago sound as good as possible.  Enjoy!

*** Also included is the best known live recording of Smiling Sacrifice in 1987, live on TNP radio and the Live Video Collection that I assembled for their CD set.  

January 8, 2012

During my 2011 hiatus, I noticed that a whole lot of links in the archive were broken or completely dead. It turned out that some of the earliest additions to Archive.org were not formatted correctly. So, I decided that before any new stuff would be added, I'd go back and make sure that all of the existing archive items looked and sounded good. 

There are still some videos currently being hosted on YouTube that I'd like to migrate over to Archive.org so that they look/sound a lot better, but after spending months making fixes to existing items, I'm ready to add new stuff for the time being.

There is much new [old] stuff that I intend to add to the archive in the very near future and throughout 2012. 

I am happy to see the archive finally back to good health with everything working as intended.

If you have downloaded any albums that had funky tagging on some of its tracks, you can now go in and grab a better copy.

The site's social networking links have also been refined. 
For this update, I have added some items that others have posted to YouTube in recent months, with the exception of the REPEAT - Dan Russell tribute documentary, which I did last spring.


REPEAT: A tribute concert for Dan Russell - Churchill's (2011)
Pole Barn Rebels - ? (2011)
Dixie Hustler - Machine Shop (2011)
Bullhonky Deluxe - ? (2011)
Wig Barn - Churchill's (2011)
Autumn Burning - Churchill's (2011)
Joel Rash - speaking about the rebirth of the Flint Local 432 (2010)
Matt Ratza - Whaley Jam (2010)
The Enablers - Whaley Jam (2010)
Stabbittystabbittystabstabstab - Chicago public access shows (mid-90's)


ALL of the "Take No Prisoners" TV episodes are now back online!!!  All links in this archive are working now.
So far, about half of the shows are being hosted on Archive.org, which enable you to download them at a much
higher resolution.






REPEAT: A tribute to Dan Russell (2000's)



March 19, 2011

Shawn Humphrey(Autumn Burning/Finest Hour/FlintJournal) and I are writing a book about the history of The Flint underground music scene.  It is covering the 1960s-2000s, with the focus on the '80s - '00s.  The project is expected to take a couple years but will be something the uninitiated can pick up and enjoy.  Brandon Trammell is also working on a book about the Flint scene, which will tell the story as an assorted collection of interviews. 

Regarding past archive updates, the Mush documentary link in the Videos>>Live section now actually points to that video.  It contains footage by Steve Hester and was put together by Andy Turpin.  It is definitely worth checking out. 

All videos that were hosted on YouTube now all display as expected in the archive site so if something you wanted to see wasn't working, now it is.

The Dachau Club - Vintage album in Audio>>Demos has also been remastered from a much better copy (thanks Debbie Wilcox!).

Dan Russell's self-titled vinyl-only LP is now available at Wyatt Earp Records.


Political Silence - Earpfest 2010
Artfull Dodgers - Summer Earpfest 2007
Lack Of Afro - Churchill's, 2010
Disposable Society - Machine Shop, 2011


This Young Boy - demo (1984)
Splatter Process - demo (1984)
House Of Mirth - demo (1985)
Honky Funk Machine - Mostly Rockin' Hits (1994-2001)
Thingamobob - 1 and 2: TENTACLES (1988-1989)
Thingamobob - 3 mobob returns (1990)
Thingamobob 2004 (Squawk) - self-titled (2004)
Imaginary Holiday - Plan It (2003)


Thingamobob - Contos (1991)


As a reminder, all flyers are sorted by year and by day.  Enjoy!
Many more Pranks flyers have been added to '79-'81.


Nick Garvey Band, Flint Journal (1992)
Al Steele , Flint Journal (2009)
Wyatt Earp Records , Flint Journal (2008)
Wyatt Earp Records , Flint Twp. View (2010)
Lack Of Afro reunion, Flint Journal (2010)
Earpfest 2010, Flint Journal (2010)
Flint Local 432, Flint Journal (2010)
Smiling Sacrifice, Flint Journal (2011)

December 4, 2010

A few corrections have been made to last week's update. "The Worst Of The Flying Russell Brothers" and "The Russell Bros. - Rarities" now have the correct track names. "The Knuckles - Atherton H.S." is now available for a full zipped download.

I also forgot to mention that the extensive liner notes for "The Rub Anthology vols 1 & 2" have been added. "Fer Cryin' Out Loud - We're Using The Back Room" now has artwork from the original CD. The Dan Russell Band History has also been updated, which you can find in Tom Russell's memoirs in the Stories section.

November 27, 2010

I have fixed the menus on the Images&Stories section so that they do not cut off at the bottom of your monitor in some places. Please let me know if you encounter any more issues with them.

This update is focused on the late, great guitar god Dan Russell. To fulfill Dan's wishes, I've been working with his brother Tom to archive all of his best stuff that has been sitting on the shelf for years. If you agree that the Flint underground music scene as we have come to know it over the past few decades, was started by The Rub renting halls and doing shows, then you now have the earliest known Flint underground music scene recording: The Knuckles live at Atherton H.S. in 1973 as well as other gems from the '70s.

My favorite Dan Russell recording is being added here as well. It is The Rub - Kishma Grotto, 1984. This was the first time many people that made the mid-1980s Flint underground music scene had heard Dan and the great songs of The Rub. Dan was aware of this and you can hear him making an effort to effectively present the work he'd spent the last several years with. The final lineup of The Rub was extremely tight and they just went out and killed 'em. Dan as a frontman was also perfectly captured on that as well. It is also one of the very best sounding live recordings of the 1980s Flint underground scene.

In addition, you can look forward to a vinyl album that Dan worked on with Brett_x_Herron, shortly before he died last spring, that will catalog all of what he felt was his best life's work. His brother Tom has been overseeing that as well. Most (if not all) of the material on that album is available here but will surely be a coveted album for his fans and vinyl junkies worldwide. The release date has not yet been nailed down. Check with Al at Wyatt Earp Records or this archive for the release date when it is finalized.

Also soon to be released is the Yestermorrow compilation to benefit the future Flint Local 432. It will feature favorite, new and unreleased many many bands from the Flint scene's glorious 30 year history. It will initially be a download-only thing, then on to a vinyl release.

Video>>TV Shows

A while back, Google removed a dozen or so videos of the Take No Prisoners TV series. Slowly but surely the series is being moved to Archive.org. You should now see no dead links for any episodes. All episodes are once again available. Nearly all episodes from #1 - #27 have also been moved over so the links in this archive now point to those new pages in Archive.org. All videos that have been uploaded to Archive.org are available for you to download in full DVD quality (over 4+ GB each, MPEG-2). The sound compression for the streaming video on Archive.org isn't as good as with Google. I digress.


The Rub - Rarities (1978-1985)
The Russell Bros. - Rarities (1976-1984)
The Russell Bros. - The Worst Of The Flying Russell Brothers (1977-1983)
The Need - WFBE Session (1986) (with Frank Woodbury on vocals and bass)
Wad$worth - demo (2002) (Dan's band in Portland Oregon in the early 2000s)
Smiling Sacrifice - You'll Die Laughing (1987) (original artwork only)
Smiling Sacrifice - Speaking Of Death... (1987) (original artwork only)
Smiling Sacrifice - On Fire (1989) (original artwork only)
Smiling Sacrifice - Pelvic (2002) (original artwork only)


The Knuckles - Atherton H.S. Auditorium (1973) (precursor to The Rub)
The Rub - Kishma Grotto (1984)
The Russell Bros. - Kishma Grotto (1984)


Many new flyers from Dan and Tom Russell's collections have been added from the 1970s through 2000s. The new ones have been placed in their respective places in the chronological (by day) Flyer archive.
In addition, all of the show flyers for 2004-2006 Flint Local 432 have been added.


If you have not already, you definitely need to check out the huge, annotated Dan Russell photo collection hosted on Flickr by his brother Tom and friends. It includes many great photos of Dan throughout his life. Lots of amazing band shots in there as well. You can find a link in the Photos section here for "Dan Russell".


There is also a "Dan Russell" collection added to the Misc. section that has a variety of his original writings, including his memoirs of Phill Hines that he wrote shortly after having learned of Phill's death.


Dan Russell feature, Flint Journal (1994)
Dan Russell R.I.P. article , Portland Monthly (2010)
Bruce Stedron R.I.P. article , Flint Journal (2004)

September 4, 2010


Tom Russell tells the story of how he and his brother Dan started what was the beginning of the Flint underground music scene in the early 70s. More info to be added soon...


The Roakers - Living For The Dead + Dying (1985)
Anechoic Chamber Orchestra - Pretty Gorey Stuff (1984)
Johnny Slaughter & The Meat Patrol - demo (1986)
The Fabulous Turpen Muthaz - The Town Of Machine (1998)

July 18, 2010


Dejecta - documentary (1994)


Super Shock Control - demo (2010)
The Midget/Hippo Gag - tracks and artwork added
VARIOUS - Flint Underground Disco Compilation (1990s)

AUDIO>>Radio Shows

Dejecta - "Take No Prisoners" Radio (1994)
Ben Hamper's "Smell The Mitten" -1960s Michigan garage rock (2010)

May 30, 2010

95% of the requests I've received for the archive over the last few years has been to make the TNPTV series available in a format worthy of copying to DVD. So, I'll be taking a break from archiving the myriad of great audio recordings I've collected and will spend the remainder of the year migrating the series to Archive.org. The shows were previously stored on Google Video, but they decided to pull a number of them a year or so ago due to some of the content. The episodes currently offline will be restored in the near future in a much better looking format and available to download as full resolution stereo PCM mpeg-2 files that you can burn to a DVD.

The first batch are listed below, including the series Outtakes episode, which I had great fun putting together with lots of surprises. Steve, Jerry and Ben also let me sift through unused footage from the series and create new and final episodes, including AMAZING performances by The Numbers and The Guilty Bystanders in early 1998. You can see that stuff now in the Archive.

As for the current transfers of the series to Archive.org, I finally got the sound and video of the late, great Dan Russell's "Stabbitty..." TNPTV episode to as close to perfection as the rendering and streaming technology used on Archive.org will allow. The link in the takenoprisoners.info site has been updated to the new version and I'm using that all other episodes are following suit.

Also concerning the series, Kenneth Whiteaker is currently endeavoring to help bring you pristine copies of all of the live audio of the Flint area bands from the TNPTV series. Back when I had digitized the series, I also captured the audio at 24 bit/96Khz directly from the series' master tapes and then rendered straight to highest resolution VBR MP3s. So stay tuned for those as well!

As a reminder, Kenneth has been handling the archive for Ben Hamper's current radio shows on WNMC (www.soulpossession.webege.com). These include the 9PM Friday night "Soul Possession" show Sunday morning's "Head For The Hills", which you can stream live on the WNMC site or listen to on-demand at Kenneth's archive.

Video>>TV Shows

Capitol Theater Commercial (dir. Steve Hester)
Take No Prisoners TV - Outtakes
Take No Prisoners TV - Stabbittystabbittystabstabstab (Dan Russell)
Take No Prisoners TV - Warped Tour Special
Take No Prisoners TV - Feast Of Saints


Arabian Fame - Hot Rock Cafe, 1990
Safety In Numbers - Hot Rock Cafe, 1990
Power On Hold - Flint Local 432, 1995
The A.G.s - Flint tour journal, 1990
Rosie DeRosia - Water Street Pavilion, 1988


Aggressive Injection - practice, 1990

April 3, 2010

2 new 2009 Flint Journal articles have been added.

AUDIO>>Radio Shows

Ben Hamper's Soul Possession radio show archive


Scrounge- Prospect Hall, 1982
The Rub- Shockwave, 1981


Sissy Fist(1990) -- Dan Russel's 1990 project
stabbitystabbitystabstabstab- Engarde! (1997)--another offering from solo Dan Russell
You Are Here- (Best Of?) (1992)
The Atrocity Exhibition(2010) -- Kenneth Whiteaker's solo work anthology
10-96- No Retreat (1995)

March 6, 2010

Thousands of images have been added to the ImagesAndStories section, including a day-by-day, chronologically arranged collection of flyers from 1979-1999, zines, articles, photos, logos and more. The ImagesAndStories section opens in a separate browser window, so you can still listen to the music you chose to stream while browsing the ImagesAndStories collection.

Please leave a comment on your items of interest,if you are so inclined. The band members definitely do check up on their items from time to time, so let them know you checked out their stuff.

New links have also been added and updated in the Links section.


Solidarnosc - Wild Bill's, 3/84 (2 shows)

AUDIO>>Radio Shows

Powertool - Live & Naked, Take No Prisoners Radio, 1992


Free Cheese - original demo recordings added
Crux Ansata - original demo recordings added
Solidarnosc - 1983 practice
Solidarnosc - It's Time (remastered from source)
Godspeed - It's Time (remastered from source)
Dead Burnt Bodies - 1983 practice
Upstairs Again - horrifried and The Burned Collection. "horrifried" is Kenny Roberts' homage to Repulsion's "Horrified" album.

July 5, 2009


Broccolifest 4 documentary



Andy Turpen Is So Low
Gone Dog

*** The rest of 2009 will be spent going through various people's collections and processing them for the archive. There is a very special and substantial addition to the archive planned for December. As always-stay tuned! ***

April 4, 2009

*** No updates are planned through the summer as some special archive additions are prepared for the fall. Stay tuned!***

Please be patient while certain episodes of the TNP TV series are restored online. All of the episodes should be back online by the end of April.

Complete original packaging, including ENTIRE LYRIC SHEET BOOKLETS are now available for these classic albums:
The Guilty Bystanders - Live At Wild Bill's
The Guilty Bystanders - Broccoli Rules
The Guilty Bystanders - Inflatable Party Sheep
Generic Society - Vols 1 & 2
Political Silence - self-titled
Political Silence - 101
Dr. Schwartz Kult - Entire Mire


The Dissonance 'Demo' pages have all been updated with album credits. All original artwork has been preserved. The On Top album art has been revamped for CD format by Tim Cronin, based upon the original cassette insert.

I have remastered a few items already in the archive for better sound quality:
Ronin - Get Out Of The Pool
The Need - Get Evicted (also now includes original cassette insert)
Dejecta - '93 Demo
MuSH - The Underwearld (new track added)

***Please revisit your favorite recordings in the archive on future visits as I am always obtaining better or master copies of some of the older classics.***


New Items Added::

The Rub Anthology - Vols. 1 & 2
Uncle Daddy
CDG - Nicotine Fit
Dissonance - Limited Edition
Dissonance - practice w/Chris McNicol
Dr.Schwartz Kult - Entire Mire Sessions
Albadore - Hysterical Fiction: A Collection (2003-2008)
Albadore - An Overdose Of Cognitive Dissonance
Dead By Sunday - The Day Niagara Fell
Autumn Burning - Ethereal Project
55FFER - The Matt Davis Recording
Dark Reality
Evil Green
Gene Pool - Mountain Bound
Shocking Grasp
The Fabulous Turpen Muthaz
The Thrash
Forced Anger - Pent Up/Summer Of Hate
Apollo 9 - 1992 Demo

For Crying Out Loud (Dan Russell, Turpen bros & more) - The BacK Room, 1997
Arrogant Stethoscope Salad - The Dirt Nest, 1991
Joel Rash - The Lobby, 1991
Bronze Jonson - Contos, 1991
Dark Reality - Ukranian Hall, 1985
Godspeed - Ukranian Hall, 1984
Medulla Oblongata - The Lobby, 1991
Shocking Grasp - Ukranian Hall, 1984
The Need - Hot Rock Cafe, 1990
The Rugby Mothers - The Lobby, 1991
Twitch - Contos, 1991

Steve Hester & Aaron Stengel interview - "The Butcher Shop", WKUF(Kettering University), 2009



March 28, 2009

I have good news and bad news. The good news: There are dozens of exciting new audio additions to the archive to be posted in the very near future. This also includes enhancing a few essential classics that are already there withbetter quality transfers and complete original packaging, including lyric sheets.

The bad news: Google has discontinued its video service. They pledge that the videos that are on there now will remain but that is left to be seen. They have disabled several videos to date and this keeps occurring at the rate of 2/day. I have the ability to file requests (and have been) to keep them online but we are totally at Google's mercy as to whether or not they will restore the videos. By looking at the Google Video forums, it appears that they are targeting videos that are longer than the standard 10 minutes that is common on YouTube.

Yes, there are plans to re-offer the videos at another server. Archive.org has been improving their video service to make that the likely option. They were chosen for the audio content because Archive.org (a non-profit entity) shares this archive's belief that all content should be permanent. They have been building their media archive since the mid-90s and are fueled by ever-growing numbers of new entries. If the videos do in fact wind up there, it will nicely satisfy many of your requests I've received to make the videos downloadable and of higher streaming quality. The only drawback with Archive.org at this point is a visitor's inability to skip ahead in a video file (this can and probably will be corrected in the future). But, I'd take that inconvenience over insecurity at this point. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of preparing a few other very special editions to the archive later this year and will probably not start the huge task of re-uploading all of the videos to a safer location. Until then, I will continue to fight to keep them online at Google for as long as possible.

Aaron Stengel



February 3, 2009

Video>>TV Shows:
Ty Shick/Gary Mueller 2009 Interview (discussing the very beginning of the Flint punk scene)
The Guilty Bystanders 2009 Interview
Joel Rash / The Guilty Bystanders 2009 Interview (discussing the Flint underground music scene of the mid-1980s through today)

The Guilty Bystanders, Wig Barn, The Noose, and Dusty Brill's latest band Greyhounds And Grey Skies

Smiling Sacrifice - Fallout Shelter, 1987

Audio>>Radio Shows:
"Take No Prisoners" All Local Coverage Vols 1, 6, 7 ('82-'90)
Political Silence - "TNP Radio", 1986
The Guilty Bystanders - "Kaleidoscope", 1992

The Noose E.P. (ex-Generic Society, Guity Bystanders)
Ice Halo (Guilty Bystanders acoustic project)
Generic Society -- self-titled (Vol.1 and Vol.2)--now offering higher quality sound, full track lists, and the original lyric sheet booklet!
Political Silence - 101 bonus tracks

Smiling Sacrifice - Fallout Shelter, 1987
The Guilty Bystanders - Wild Bill's, 1984
The Guilty Bystanders - Machine Shop, 2008

January 5, 2009

Images And Stories>>Stories:
John (O'Cyde) Vamossy
Chris McNicol

A dozen new links have been added to the Links section.

Tim And Dave Show - Churchill's, Sept, 2008

Audio>>Radio Shows:
Alternatives - Vol.1 (1982-1987)
Anarchy - Vol.1 (1982)

MuSH - The Underwearld
Psychotic Playground - Anthology 1991-1992
Arabian Fame - Anthologies
Fading Shade - practice session
Mondo Cane - self-titled 1989 demo (24 bit remaster)
Feast Of Saints - Saecula Saeculorum (24 bit remaster)
The Finest Hour
The Middletown Project
Midget Hippo Gag
Albadore - Yo Vi La Papa
Deathstrange - American Satan
Dirt Peddlers - Sixty Acres Of Music
Fudge Gun - If You Could See My Office...
Gene Pool - Stuck
Heckyl & Jive - Fish Outta Water
Iad - self-titled
Kid Brother Collective - self-titled
Lack Of Afro - 5ive Phat Fattys (with original artwork)
Matt Ratza
Mindtribe - self-titled
Overflow - Aftermath
Power On Hold - Honky (24 bit remaster)
Power On Hold - Ism (24 bit remaster)
Powertool - SourFootPopWithKrackleFizz (24 bit remaster)
Rats Of Unusual Size - The Prime Directive Cannot Be Denied
Spit - Buckham Alley
VARIOUS - Super Road Ass (with original artwork)
The Absence - Lost In The Masses
The Guy Champion Sexual Revolution - 12 Steps To Anti-Rock

November 27, 2008
Inaction Figure Set - Demos - 1990s

November 23, 2008
Brotherman - A Spectacle of Innocence

Safety In Numbers - live at the Capitol Theatre/Hot Rock Cafe, 1990

Audio>>Radio Shows:
Workstation - "Take No Prisoners" radio, 1990, with Jerry Humphrey and Doug Earp

Safety In Numbers - Early Demos
Safety In Numbers - Instrumentals
Workstation - Demos
Brotherman - Human
Brotherman - Gravity
Brotherman - Live, 1994
Big Deal - 1988-2002
Big Deal - 2003-2006

June 29, 2008
Lots of stuff is being prepared right now, although few updates are planned through August.

June 11, 2008
The banner ad that visitors can embed in their web pages and profiles is now linked directly to this site when it is clicked on. Previous versions of the ad will need to be replaced with the new one in order to use this feature.
As always, a huge thanks for helping spread the word about this archive.

June 4, 2008
The Chewbakka and Avant Garden demo links have been fixed.

June 2, 2008

Afterbirth - Who's In There
Avant Garden
Buick City Boom Box Recordings Vol.1 (VARIOUS)
Chewbakka - Anthology 1989-91
Crux Ansata
Devil's Night Arsonists - Prelim Bums
Dissonance - On Top (unremastered)
Draincleaner - Clinical Death
Free Cheese
Head Cleaner - Cleans Both Heads
Hypyr - Psychedelic Dogs
Straight Bob - Live One-On_One Phone Sexxx
The Cripples - Totally Blitzed
The Freakies - The Red Headed Slut Sessions
The Guilty Bystanders - 2000s Demos
The Guilty Bystanders - Broccoli Rules
The Guilty Bystanders - Inflatable Party Sheep
The Guilty Bystanders - Worthy Attempts
Viva Tempo
Wig Barn - Wigrospective 1990-1995


Crossed Wire - St. Andrews Hall, 1993
Dissonance - Kishma Grotto, 1984 (from the legendary 7 Seconds show that changed the Flint scene forever)
Genocide - Blondies, 1986
Gore - Blondies, 1986
Smiling Sacrifice - Earpfest, 2007 (original and new members)
The Guilty Bystanders - Prospect Hall, 1984 (Dave Grave on drums)
The Will - Earpfest, 2007 (Bruce Powers on bass)

May 23, 2008
The 'Images & Stories' section has been redesigned to accommodate more menu choices. Later this year, the 'Flyers' menu will be arranged by year as more flyer images are added.

Updates for this summer are expected on or around the first of each month. Next update: June 1st.

May 8, 2008
Shawn Wharton & Keith Fleetwood have added their memoirs

Mike Absher's Uncommon Sense article on this archive and the restoration of the TNP TV series has been added in addition to all of Tim Flynn's recent articles in the Flint Journal covering a variety of topics.
The entire 'Images and Stories' section is being redesigned to accomodate many more entries. Please bear with...

Carlito and Otis' groundbreaking 2008 performance.

Dr. Schwartz Kult/Peter C. Cavanaugh/John Mueller - 2002 show

The Bumps and Twitch appearing on a Sterling Hts. cable show - 1994

The Bumps at Churchill's - 1992

Shrimpanzee (Andy Turpen and Dave Grave...) - Highland, MI performance - 2007

MuSH - (Andy Turpen, Dan Russel, Tim Flynn, Al Korth, Bruce Powers) documentary by Andy Turpen plus shows at Riverbank Park and The Loft.

May 2, 2008
Visitors now also have the option of signing up for the Updates Feed as an email message that is automatically sent to them whenever new content is added to the site (the site is planned to be updated an average of once a month).

Visitors now also have many more options available for bookmarking and sharing the archive on sites such as Reddit.com, Digg and Facebook.

New items have been added to the 'Links' section in addition to some broken links that have been fixed.

Rudy Varner has added a photo of the ROH at The Rusty Nail

Check out Keith Fleetwood's page in the 'Links' section. It contains his recent interpretations of songs that he used to play with Free Cheese and Crüx Änsàta (original recordings of either band appear not to exist at this time).

The Guilty Bystanders 25th Anniversary Show - 3/2008 - The Aloha Lounge
Empty Arms & The Amino Acids - 2/2008 - The Aloha Lounge
Smiling Sacrifice - Earpfest 2005 & Metropolis in 2002 (their #2 video from there that year)
Kill Flint Radio documentary - 2/2008 - The Aloha Lounge...11 legendary Flint area DJs including DJ Steve Dub, DJ Michael A, DJ Bullfrog, DJ Psycho and others turn in stellar performances.

Plus much more to follow over the next week...

February 19, 2008
No updates are planned until May.

February 7, 2008
Tim Cronin and Joel Rash's extensive audio collection of essential stuff from the late '80s and 1990s are up. They are mostly in the Audio Demos section. Highlights include the complete anthologies of Political Silence, Mondo Cane, Feast of Saints, Medulla Oblongata, Smatch and The Rugby Mothers. In contrast to previous versions made available last year, all files lited in the archive are properly tagged with ID3 info such as track names, etc.

Tim did an amazing job getting the original artwork restored for these recordings and even reformatted them for CD. All of the artwork is available to download alongside the audio files for each recording.

All of the Earpfest 2007 videos have also been included in the Live Videos section as well as a handful of new links in the Links section.

January 28-February 1, 2008
Many awesome recordings are currently being prepared for postings throughout February. Stay tuned!

January 1, 2008
Many additions and refinements have been made since the site launch on Dec 1, including banner ad code in various places to help promote the site. Specific links to new files will not be listed in the 'Updates' section until the spring. Starting in January, new files will be added @ the 1st of every month.

During December, the host for the audio files, Archive.org, has been experiencing system slowness. Hopefully this issue will improve after the holiday traffic eases.

Until each page can be updated on Archive.org, for the best sound quality, choose 'VBR M3U' for streaming audio and 'VBR MP3' for downloads. These options are located in the left column on each page containing audio files. In addition, all of the available artwork for each recording is included as a JPEG in both the list of files available individually on each page as well as inside the complete downloadable folders for each item.

For the best video quality, download, rather than stream the videos.

December 2007
The site goes live on Dec 1. The links below are an example of how this 'Updates' section will function in a few months.
Bullcock-Corunna Road Bar-Oct 2007
Dissonance-Wild Bill's- 1983
Repulsion-Fallout Shelter-Nov 1987
Nick Juno-Capitol Theater(TNP TV)-Jun 1992