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When I was growing up...
Brian Orr was david lee roth
Dan Russell was jimi hendrix
Mintline was bonham
Andy Turpin was bon scott
Bub was...of course, sid vidious
John Vamossy was paul mccartney
Ivan After 5 was alice cooper
Gary Meuller was john lennon
Dave Grave was Dave Grave
The Guy From The Need was steven tyler
John Meuller was jimmy plant
Scott Carlson was ozzy
Paul Wood was lance armstrong
Joel Rash was stacey peralta & ghandi
Hines was uncomparable. bunny?
Olivo was malmstein
Hamper was kerouac
Humphries was brian johnson
Lee Williams was vince neil
Bruce Stedron was...i dunno...a devo guy? and good.
Mike Absher was bad but he's really good. r.e.m. vid kid standing with his skateboard...then cuttin' loose.

I liked bad brains, minor threat, misfits, etc. growin' up...but I was really into the local shit thanks to Gary Mueller’s little cousin, who stole a bunch of local demos & gave 'em to me (I've since offered to return the originals to Gary but he refused). I loved it every bit as much if not more than the NY/Cali shit. I can't name the drummer for A.O.D. or Black Flag, but Ii knew the names Phil Hines & Dave Grave. 10 years before I started playing, Phil Hines was the drummer I wanted to sound like. Incredibly fast with those inhuman rolls & fills. That's the real deal, honest to god truth.

And I loved Dissonance but never got to see 'em play live & never really knew 'em. Just did everything I ever could to obtain their recordings. I know Andy fairly well these days (haven't seen him or heard from him in quite some time, though-miss him).

I never wanted to mention how much I liked Phil as a drummer when he passed away, because to so many people he was so much more than that. A friend, family-member and so forth. I hated that so many people were so sad, though.

The coolest thing that I've experienced yet as a drummer ("musician", right? no) was at Earpfest, one year after Phil's death, to play "No More Room"(a Dissonance song) and even attempt to fill those shoes. I am just happy to play that's my favorite in the set...wasn't thinking about the importance to some. Tanya told me I did it I knew modesty aside it wasn't even CLOSE to Phil's version...she was crying. Even though I still don't know her to well, it was more fulfilling than anything I thought I would ever deserve just beating on shit to try to keep these musicians from ever giving up.

To be completely honest- I didn't mean to pay tribute to Phil Hines. I'm guessing he would've thought I were ridiculous if I did, anyway. I wanted to be there if a band I didn't want to go away needed a drummer. Cause flint has had some badass bands (if only I know prob...these guys are all doing me a personal favor when they ask me to play drums, whether they know it or not. If I have to play in the S.S. show in order to see one, so be it). I just want to be appreciated for my appreciation. To touch somebody that way is something I never ever thought was part of the deal (it's, in a way, why I'm just a drummer). But it was most amazing.

Part I of why it's ok to be from Flint: people have more heart. More heart than anywhere. Live up to that, ok? Thanks. xoxo ROOKIE

Shawn Wharton